The UNDP-KVIC project has its roots in early 80’s when the problems with quality, productivity and profitability were identified by KVIC. It became apparent that despite a well development system of support, underlying problems were becoming worse. As a result, Mr. Simon B. Green was engaged as an expert in hand paper making in 1985 by UNIDO and made a 3 weeks visit to India to assess the problem. This lead to UNIDO report SI/IND/84/801/11-01/32.2.1.E “ Rural Papermaking in India” by Simon B. Green dated 27 February 1985. The major recommendations of this report were the establishment of a national center to undertake research, demonstrate the best techniques and provide a central database for the industry. Provision for some training at a later stage was also suggested but it was not proposed that the center would have direct training as a main priority. In the intervening period KVIC, UNDP and UNIDO have developed the suggestions made in the 1985 report leading to the Project Document IND/90/037/A/01/37, Project titled: “Strengthening the Handmade Paper Industry in India”, which was signed on dated 22.11.1990. The estimated starting date of the Project was March 1991. Several meetings of the Project Advisory Committee took place prior to the appointment of the National Project Coordinator and the Chief Technical Advisor, who took up their duties on 2nd September 1991.

1. Period : 2nd September 1991 to March 1998

2. UNDP Input : US$ 712, 679

3. Govt. of India : Rs. 1.30 Crore


a) Development Objective
+ To enhance the performance of the handmade paper industry in India and the competitiveness of its products in home and export market by using better and more versatile raw materials and by developing appropriate pulping technology.

b) Immediate Objective :
i) To study the demand pattern of handmade paper and board in India and abroad.

ii) To set up a testing laboratory for pulp and paper and a paper making demonstration plant as part of the handmade paper unit of KVIC and to assist creating capability in Indian villages to produce good quality handmade paper & board.

iii) To enhance the capabilities of the handmade paper directorate/center in the functional areas of training, consultancy and information services to serve the Indian handmade paper industry.


Output 1. Development of a marketing strategy

Output 2. Testing Laboratory

Output 3. Demonstration Plant

Output 4. Consultancy Services

Output 5. Training Courses

Output 6. Information Cell



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